Monday, October 09, 2006

My New Yarn Cubby!

Welcome to my blog! After four years of loving knitting, I am finally joining the world of knitting blogs. I've read many of your blogs and now I'm posting my own! Here is a picture of my new knitting cabinet. I like to call it a "cubby." My yarn was all over my apartment, in the closet cabinets, in baskets, everywhere. Now it's all in one place. I love it!


Sandy said...

Where did you get the cubby? Did you make it? Where can I get one? My yarn is all over the place, as well, and I would love to have one.

Breanne said...

I actually found it at IKea! They have lots of storage options there. I recently put the yarn into storage boxes that fit nicely in the dementions of the shelves, because my apartment tends to gather dust quickly. Boxes were also found at IKea. Good luck!