Monday, October 25, 2010

Mom's 10/10/10 Birthday Stole

My mom's birthday was October 10th. She's been looking forward to 101010 for years now (we're number people), so I went to visit her on her special day. I brought this stole with me. We had so much fun! My mom is fantastic. I wish I had time to knit her cool stuff all the time. I try!

She looks pretty great!
Thanks to my dad for taking the pics!
It's the same pattern as the orangey one I made for myself a couple of months ago. I like it. She likes it. I'm thinking it'll be the last one I make of this pattern though. It's a little bulky. If I make more shawl type garments, I'll probably use a pattern with lace or something lighter.

The golf course behind her looks great too!


Angelika said...

great work and lovely pictures :-)

Breanne Martin said...

Thank you!

jomamma said...

Nice job. I'll probably finish the shawl I'm making sometime this week. I'm ready to make a sweater for ME... I haven't made myself something in a long time.

Breanne Martin said...

Yes, you definitely should!