Monday, September 15, 2008

Finished Cape

It's done! I'm so glad. I really do like the argyle pattern in this cape, but the overall design was not my favorite. If I were to knit it again (and I won't) I would change a few things.
I would use a different yarn. The Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick N' Quick recommended for this project sheds so badly it gets all over my clothes. So unless I bring a lint roller out with me, it's not entirely practical.I would also write this pattern with different size options. It's only given in one size, and even though I got the gauge before I started, it's way too big for me! Had I realized this, I could've adjusted the pattern, but I didn't. I may give it to someone who'll wear it better, I'm not sure.
I would also add a garter or seed stitch edging on the cape, as well as in the armholes. The stockinette stitch rolls in, even after blocking. I would use a few more buttons, to keep the garment together. This was a fun project, and hopefully it'll get some use!


Anonymous said...

I think it looks awesome. That seemed to go fast. Was it easier then a sweater? Good job Bre. Mom

Anna said...

So pretty! Where did you get the pattern?