Monday, October 06, 2008

Aspen Neck Cowl

I'm back in Los Angeles. It was hard to leave Oregon, but I'll be back for the holidays. While I was there I needed a simple project to keep my hands busy, so I knit up this Aspen Neck Cowl, designed by Andrea Tung. This was painfully boring to knit.
I used Cascade Yarns in 100% wool, so the cowl will definitely keep me warm during the harsh L.A. winters. Though I don't think I'll keep it. I'll probably give it as a gift. You can also pull it up over your head for a hood! Or wear it as a skirt or tube top, if you're really wild.


Jomamma said...

As boring as something like this can seem, it's such a great travel item, I always have some mindless knitting project going. I grab it on the way out the door and I'm able to knit while talking and without looking at what I'm doing.

Brooke Rane said...

painfully boring to make maybe, but not painful to wear--that thing is amazing!