Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Patchwork Rug

I made these square patches a few years ago, just to keep me busy and they've been shelved for quite a while now. I've decided to make a rug out of them. They're pretty thick (three strands of worsted or chunkier held together) and I think it'd be cute on my hardwood floor, so I'm gonna do it. I have to decide how I want to stitch them together and then I'm off! Here are some pictures of how I might arrange them and some of the colors up close. I didn't use the same three strands of yarn on any two patches, so they're all totally unique.

I know I've been gone for a while, but I appreciate your continued support and comments! Happy new year and new president!


jomamma said...

That will be nice. I've got a bunch of really coarse yarn that was given to me awhile back. I may make a rug out of it.

jadnil0 said...

What a wonderful Rug, Do you have the pattern on how you made the squares?

Nishant said...

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Wendel is said...

wow girl that looks awesome! have you put them together already? this is how i wanted the babyblanket (my very first knitting project) to look like! you are even kewler than i thought!! hehe xx