Monday, March 22, 2010

Death of the Local Yarn Store

Recently, I've taken on a few new knitting projects. While my yarn and needle stash is expansive, last week I found myself lacking specific circulars that I wanted immediately. I knew JoAnn's or Michael's would not carry the 40" 10 1/2s I needed, as they never carry any longer than 32", and even those are few and far between. So, I decided to hunt for a Los Angeles LYS.

I used to have my go to places like Black Sheep Knittery, That Yarn Store, the Yarn Garden, and Knit Cafe, whose owner, Suzan, was always so cool and helpful. Unfortunately, all these places are now CLOSED, except the Yarn Garden, which is now under another name by the same owner and sells handmade goods, not yarn.

I know there are a few other local yarn stores that I could try, but I am not keen on driving 45 min to West L.A. or getting on the freeway and going to the Valley or Pasadena. I also needed the needles on a Monday, and most yarn stores are closed on Monday, plus, there is no guarantee they will have what I need. So I resigned myself to ordering the needles online. I hate not supporting an LYS if I can, but it has become so difficult these past few years.

I know this city is not alone in the loss of these gems. I've read articles in my magazines and rants on blogs, encouraging knitters and crocheters to get out there and spend at least a portion of their budgets in a LYS. I want to do this, but it's hard when the internet is right in front of me, and the yarn store is so far away.

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martinl007 said...

It is too bad. We have to remember to patronize our local stores whenever we have the opportunity!Especially in these tough economic times!!