Thursday, March 25, 2010

Knitting with Friends

Up until recently, I've been mostly a solo knitter. I really enjoying time alone and just zoning out and letting the needles fly. Except for a short-lived stint in a knitting circle I organized with coworkers/friends in 2004-ish, I've really never knit with anyone else. I even taught myself, alone, with a book. This year though, has been pleasantly different! I've gotten so much pleasure in the few nights I've spent knitting with girlfriends. 2 of the 3 friends had never knit a stitch before, and I really enjoy seeing someone go from slightly frustrated or confused, to satisfied and excited by their newfound hobby. I enjoy the tradition of knitting circles and am aiming to cultivate a little knitting camaraderie this year. Of course, I still enjoy knitting alone, but doing it with friends is proving to be more fun than I ever imagined. :)

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