Monday, March 15, 2010

German Moosey Sweater

I ordered this Rebecca update from Deutschland during the summer of 2009. I found the ggh Aspen yarn on Jimmy Beans in Sept, and ordered it then. It was delivered, then stolen off my porch while I was away for a couple of days. I understandably, couldn't get a refund. But I was determined to make the sweater! So I ordered it again, about a month ago. The price was about 40% higher this time around, but I finally started making it. Come to find out, the pattern does not call for enough of the orange/rust color. It calls for 4 skeins and even though I made the smallest size, with the smallest needle choice, I think it needs 6 skeins. So I ordered more. I’ve finished the back and am up to the jacquard pattern on the front when I realized that I used the larger size needle for the ribbing on the front. They’re only 1/2 size difference, and it’s not really noticable, but I’m tempted to frog it because I’m a perfectionist. Also tempted to frog half of the back, because I feel I could’ve used better tension on the fair isle pattern. I went LYS hopping today, in search of the rest of the 4 pairs of circulars the pattern calls for (which are so expensive!), but silly me forgot that almost every LYS is closed on Monday. This is quite the project. I’m getting a lot of satisfaction out of it though!

I found this rad Barbie latch hook I made several years back. I'm kind of in love with these silly things again, and might have to pick up a new one soon!